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BLACKMERLE Autumn-Winter 2019, titled “UNNAMED”, is a collection that showcases the modular style of garments, the core of the label. Amidst familiar tech-wear properties and features like the use of lightweight synthetic fabrics, size-adjustable straps, and ample pockets, BLACKMERLE explores new ideas such as jackets with detachable (and replaceable) sleeves and hoods. Pouches are designed with usability in mind, featuring transparent windows for use with phones, and additional clips that allow for placement on multiple locations on the garment.

At its core, BLACKMERLE focuses on the interchangeable aspects of the garment and its components. Standardising zippers and studs allow placement and replacement of pockets, pouches, and hoods, to more extreme modifications where entire garments are able to be attached onto one another. Taking inspiration from military uniform and its adaptability such as modular & molle strapping mechanism, the garments can be played around with to create any looks from “0 to 100”. This flexible design encourages experimentation with styling and discovery of unique silhouettes that suit the wearer’s aesthetics.

Model: Lim Xirui

body text from L'armoire Singapore (

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