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It is the year 2040. Rapid technological advancements have revolutionised humanity as cyborgs populate our cosmos – the marriage between Man and machine forms the new reality. Humanity will recalibrate and become mere tools for data creation in time to come, fuelling the Internet-of-all-things. Data is the new god and three key archetypes are birthed: the Paranoids, the Poseurs, and the Primes. This project thus speculates – how would humans look like in this future? How would they dress and identify themselves?

CD/AD: Lee Sermin


Saint Graal S/S21

REBIRTH is built around a narrative of the grotesque, pertinent to the history of arts and its influence on fashion, then realised in handcrafted leather bags and accessories that are conceived and designed in-house, placing emphasis on the details.  The human body is central to the notion of the grotesque - one that is constantly transgressing, in reversal, and subjected to acts of degradation. By exploring the extremities offered by ontological elements and the raw physicality of humanity, the grotesque notion is translated into our product design through play on material, cuts and stitching.

CD/AD: Kendrick Choo

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POLYMORPHISM is Collection 1.0, and it represents a shift in change, a new perspective on how the future of fashion is perceived.

Transformative pieces are created to value-add with functionality in mind. They are made to be seamlessly incorporated into everyday lives, with garments catered to multiple needs, prolonging the life and usage of each individual piece.

Brutalism is the aesthetic approach chosen as it shares some underlying principles with the concept of POLYMORPHISM. One defining feature from both is ergonomic functionalism – how the product interacts and behaves with the human body and the wearability aspect of the garments.

CD/AD: Kendrick Choo

Designer: Justin Chua


The Craftsmanship of Hand Embroidery in Modern Luxury Industry

The project showcases the elegance of Tambour beading embroidery to garner a greater appreciation for the craft. It features a medley of graphic illustrations, digital prints and embroidery, with a whimsical flair, while enticing the consumer through the product's low price point and how efficiently it is made.

Designer: Guo Li Le


tulip fever


'TULIP FEVER', a Spring/Summer 2022 collection, takes inspiration from its namesake film. The collection represents the spirit and ephemerality of tulips. Building on renaissance fashions and vintage paintings of blooming silhouettes, it uses natural dye, skilled craftsmanship, and recycling smithereens to offer a contemporary take on femininity.

Designer: Zhang Qian Ying


Three different realities, one folktale. "Trilogie des Peintures" is a surrealist visual narrative that tells the story of a woman in pursuit of indigo. An ode to Salvador Dali, each of the three realities is an answer to Dali's work, namely - "The Temptation of Saint Anthony, 1946", “My Wife Nude Contemplating Her Own Flesh Becoming Stairs, Three Vertebra of a Column, Sky and Architecture, 1945” and "Le Sommeil (Sleep), 1937". Photographs were digitally manipulated to have a semblance of a painting, to blur the line between reality and surreality.




The Last Straw

忍 which translates to ‘endurance’ in Chinese, is an avant-garde label that addresses societal issues in Singapore through conceptual collections built around how the nation has advanced through the decades. The debut collection “The Last Straw”, pays tribute to the struggles and hardships of street hawkers from the 60s and asserts how age-old trades like this needs to be preserved.

​beau laide

Introducing Beau Laide, an avant-garde collection that promotes raw and imperfect forms of beauty, celebrating scars and from surgical injuries, demonstrating beauty in strength and survival.



"When I first looked at myself

I could only see dirt

but over time I grew

and learnt that I was a garden."

CD: Ng Shinyi


a collaboration with arnold putra

BDSM, luxury fashion, food delivery.

A satire take.



"Yearn the touch of Midas, for the immortalisation of beauty is its proof,

but alas, nothing lasts forever, even statues shatter."

the tragedy of the painted world

Prisoners of our own minds, trapped in a self-delusional world that is green with envy of others; we yearn for the world we think is perfect, “If only my life was a s good as theirs.”

Spoon-fed happiness, they say, “ the most important thing is to be happy - it’s all that matters.” So we take risks and step out of our comfort zone,

We try.

CD/AD: Kendrick Choo

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A Fashion Photo Story

"Don't forget about me."

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