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DEVOA is a Japanese label that subverts the expectations of modern menswear. Established in 2005 by wrestler-turned-designer Daisuke Nishida, the label works with a design philosophy that heavily emphasizes the shape and structure of the human body. With a focus on motion and wearability, Devoa garments are functional, comfortable, and above all, intriguing.

Since its inception the label has constantly evolved, and while the pattern or tailoring may change, each iteration still hearkens back to the original theme of human anatomy and muscular structure. The Corkshell Hooded Jacket features unique sleeve seams that run vertically down the arm, forming a natural curve when sewn. Similarly the Uneven Yarn Selvedge Pants are cut longer than normal with an exaggerated “bow-legged” curved construction which, when worn, accentuates the wearer’s leg shape with deliberate fabric stacks.

Autumn/Winter 2019 also marks the introduction of CROMÄGNON, a diffusion line based on the same principles. Making use of Daisuke’s expert tailoring, CROMÄGNON offers a familiar and yet succinctly different feel to its garments. The Short Sleeve Tee fits slightly looser and boxier than the classic Devoa counterpart, while retaining the same anatomical seam detailing. The button-up Shirt Mix is made from a luxurious blend of viscose and virgin wool, sitting comfortably on the wearer’s frame while retaining structure. The garments themselves are packaged separately in card boxes and folders emblazoned with the brand logo, each item labelled individually by hand for the added touch of exclusivity.

Model: Lim Xirui

body text from L'armoire Singapore (

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