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Founded in 1994, MARC LE BIHAN is a French label that focuses on raw artisanal craftsmanship to create sensual, complex, and luxurious garments. Whilst working as a weaver of tapestries in Paris, Le Bihan developed an appreciation and eye for handmade craftsmanship, a characteristic evident in his collections.

The timelessness of Marc LeBihan pieces stems from the gradual evolution of design, rather than picking up on current trends. Signature garments like the Dancer’s Dress and Man Ray Suit are seen collection after collection, with slight variations to reflect the fluid nature of dressmaking.

Encapsulating a distinct old-world feel, Le Bihan finds inspiration from deconstructing and studying historic garments, unravelling vintage qualities and recreating them in the present day. Not restricted to any one time period, but instead retelling the past as a whole.

Model: Sayaka Yamaguchi of Singapore Dance Theatre

Special Thanks: Wang Rui & Nicole Guo

body text courtesy of L'armoire Singapore (

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