Hailing from Munich, Werkstatt:München is an artisanal label that epitomises the traditional craft of handmade metal and leather objects. Founded in 1996 by Klaus Lohmeyer after his stint at the prestigious Staatliche Berufsfachschule für Glas und Schmuck, the label is known nowadays for its range of elegant jewellery and accessories. Harbouring a design ethos anchored in creating meaningful, functional, and timeless pieces, Lohmeyer combines past experiences and modern culture to make objects that have soul and personality.

Of all the atelier’s offerings, perhaps most known are its range of silver rings. Ranging from simple hammered bands to intricately milled patterns, each piece is individually crafted and unique. The Skull & Crossbones and Rose Leaves rings are precisely moulded pieces that showcase the label’s attention to detail, featuring gothic motifs fitting with Lohmeyer’s brand aesthetic. Along with the individual pieces, Werkstatt:München also produces sets of rings designed to stack on one or across multiple fingers. These combination sets comprise of a standout piece accompanied by three or four simpler bands that enhance the wearer’s style.

The label’s collection of bangles and bracelets showcases Lohmeyer’s vision of elegance. The hook bangles are slim silver circlets featuring hammered details, while the chainlink bracelets consist of intricate hammered links with hidden spring closures. This results in wrist adornments that catch the eye and yet remain subtle and tasteful.

Similarly, Werkstatt:München offers a range of necklaces suitable for any occasion. Fine chainlink cords sit lightly on the collar accentuating the neckline, while geometric ornaments such as that on the Necklace Hammered Link provide minimal detail. The Necklace Curl, consisting of a fine chain attached to a hammered toggle and curl wire, is a versatile accessory able to be worn in multiple ways: long and open, as a double corded choker, or in a hanging Y shape.

body text from L'armoire Singapore (https://larmoire-singapore.com/werkstattmunchen-autumn-winter-2019-delivery/)